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Commitment to Quality

“We feel that to truly produce a superior product you must have control over the quality of your ingredients and manufacturing.”

Milke Florian Mike Florian
Founder & President


As a family owned manufacturer and pet owners ourselves, we take a great deal of pride in the quality, safety and performance of our products.

The investment in both a dry production facility and cannery provide us with increased confidence in the quality of our diets.


  • Family Owned & Operated Since 1989

  • Complete production control

  • FirstMate’s Executive Vice President Is A Veterinarian & Pet Nutritionist B.Sc. M.Sc. D.V.M.

  • Quality Ingredient Commitment

Plant Tour

Join Gord Cooper, FirstMate Production Manager, on a tour of our kibble production facility.

Our Story

  • Michael Florian, founder of the company and FirstMate Pet Foods, fished commercially for years aboard the fishing vessel Taplow.  First as a deckhand and eventually as the owner, he fished for halibut, salmon and herring, plying the waters of the North Pacific. 

  • He continued to fish for many years until it became evident that depletion of fish stocks was not just an East Coast phenomenon.  Michael got involved in aquaculture and started Taplow Ventures Ltd., manufacturing fish feed for the burgeoning salmon farming industry in British Columbia.

  • Keeping the name ‘Taplow’, he called his food and business Taplow Feeds.  The fishing vessel Taplow always did well over the decades.  Mike kept the name in the hopes that some of that luck would rub off on the new company.  The initial years of providing feed to the salmon farms proved to be interesting.  During those times dogs were allowed on the farm sites. 

  • Their purpose was to guard the stock from predators both animal and human.  However, the guard dogs enjoyed feeding themselves with the high quality fish feed.  The owners of the farms were concerned about their expensive fish feed inventory and asked us to develop a dog food that would satisfy the dogs and keep them away from the high protein fish feed.  Michael and his staff including professional nutritionists, went back to work and developed a good food.  FirstMate was born.

  • Since then FirstMate grew into a worldwide brand.  Taplow Feeds continues to manufacture fish feed and uses the same, high quality ingredients used to feed salmon to make our FirstMate pet foods.  Our manufacturing facility grew from a small plant located in the interior of British Columbia, to a large, modern facility located in Chilliwack, just outside of Vancouver.  Our once, one formula food that fed the beautiful and sleek guard dogs in the early years of our company now encompasses high quality diets that meet all nutritional requirements, from puppies and kittens to aging pets.

  • Our modern machinery and advanced technology assures quality control.  From the beginning Michael realized that he wanted control of production and ingredient supply.  He did not wish become just a marketing company.  He always had pets and wanted to ensure that they, and all FirstMate customers, had access to a great food.

  • Most recently Taplow Feeds purchased a human grade cannery within British Columbia, Canada.  Owning and operating both a dry and canned facility has opened up many additional doors, product lines and opportunities for growth in the future.

  • Over the 26 plus years since the company’s founding, it continues to be a wonderful ride.  We have loyal employees and suppliers, but above all, we have loyal customers.  We value all of them and always keep in mind that the fishing vessel Taplow has indeed brought good luck to Taplow Feeds and FirstMate and now Kasiks Pet Foods.

What our customers say

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Ranger hasn't eaten all his food in months, he would pick at it then leave it and his poops weren't great. After switching to this (faster than I should have but he wouldn't eat any of the old kibble left in the bowl) he is now after 2 days having great poops, no gas and is eating all his food without leaving the bowl! I am very happy with this product and have already recommended it to friends dealing with similar problems

- Sarah C -

KASIKS Free Range Lamb Meal Formula - Ranger

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I am in shock! I have been feeding my puppy the same "what I thought was top shelf" dog food for almost the past year. He has never been food driven and have always had to add extra stuff to get him to eat it. I decided to switch foods to FirstMate due to the high quality of protein and the first 5 ingredients. Dolce immediately ate every bit of his food the minute I put it down and seems to love it! So far I have had no digestive issues and I am just thrilled that he loves it!
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When we got our first dog 10 years ago I did a bunch of research choosing the food. I chose FirstMate for a variety reasons... 10 years later we add to the pack with a puppy and my partner decides to change food to what the puppy trainer uses (Acana).

About three months later I am left wondering why my Springers beautifully rich liver coloured coat is fading and he always looks tired. I started thinking this puppy has not only aged us but him too... and then the lightbulb went on.

I am happy to say Coops is back on FirstMate and already his coat and energy levels are improving!!! And of course Fil the puppy is on FM for pups now too. Seriously impressed and grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I just re read this and it totally sounds cheesy but it's all true.

- Tish P. -

Cooper & Fil

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I wanted to let you know how well our dogs are doing on your canned foods. I originally purchased some cans to hide my beagles phenobarbital pill in. He has been diagnosed with epilepsy and has been on phenol since he was 2 (he is 14 now). I am so glad I found out about your canned diets. It makes me feel good giving them this knowing it contains no gums or fillers! Now I add your canned food to both of my dogs food! Thank you for such a great product... it's the only canned food I will ever feed!

- Glenda G. -

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Ziggy loves his food along with his siblings. Ziggy used to have seizures, about one a month it was heartbreaking and hard to see him go through, he's a now 5.5 lb chihuahua min pin. Unfortunately he wasn't on the greatest dog food for most of his life weighing in at only 4 lbs, he would get allergy attacks and sicknesses a lot and it was terrible for him.

Up until 3 years ago when I switched him to FirstMate Chicken and Blueberries Small Bites. His seizures, allergies and sicknesses have all stopped and were both so happy! We would like to thank you for supplying such a good food for him!

- Crystal Mernickle -

Chicken With Blueberries

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Ray is 5 years old now and he has only ever been on grade A dog food. (Halo, Welness, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance) But he always ended up getting stomach issues and would just stop eating the food. It got so bad last month I had to take him to the ER because he was just so uncomfortable and throwing up constantly. He doesn't eat clothes or dog toys. Just very sensitive to food and treats. I went to the local pet store here in Wilsonville to ask for her recommendation. She turned me on to you guys, and OMG what a difference. Even when my dog was sick he would be happy and affectionate but now! WOAH he cannot wait to eat his food. he hasn't been sick at all. and even when he would usually get sick and throw up (from me coming home he gets way to excited and starts coughing and sometimes throws up.) he held it back because I think he likes your food so much lol. Him being this happy makes me very happy and I just wanted to say thank you for making this food! Happy I have so much confidence that this is the food he wants and will be healthy with!

Anna Velarde

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Our 7 fur babies love this dog food. We have 7 dogs (2 are rescues) and we go through at least 2 of the 25lbs bags every 1-2 weeks. I love the fact that there are no fillers and is grain free. I drive a bit farther to the pet store that carries your product although I have multiple pet stores near my house. It is worth the drive. Thank you for making such a great product!
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Buddy loves his KASIKS Wild Pacific Ocean Fish Meal dry food matched with FirstMate Limited Ingredient wet food! As soon as it goes in his bowl, morning and night within 5 minutes the bowl is licked clean! Highly recommend this food for a good, trustworthy, delicious food for your furry friends! Buddy needs a strict diet due to his allergies and KASIKS / FirstMate are the only brand I'll trust or recommend.

- Brendan M -

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Teauila has been eating your food since she was a puppy. I got her at 8 weeks old and she was puking and had hot spots for the first week I had her vets told me it was a allergy and first thing to cut out would be grain so i found FirstMate and she has been so happy ever since ....not to mention so have I!! If she is happy I am happy lol. I switched between the Ocean Fish, Australian Lamb, and Chicken With Blueberries to keep her interested she is almost 4 and still eating nothing but FirstMate! We wanted to say thank you because she is so healthy and keeps a good weight also we are happy sticking with ur food as long as she keeps eating it lol
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This is Thor! He is a 2 year old, 105 pounds, Maremanno Sheep Dog. Unfortunately, he’s had trouble digesting a lot of food. He was always constipated or had the runs. He refused to eat a lot of high end dog foods, unless of course I put some treats on it. He tried about 5 different kinds of foods, and all of them needed a little something extra in order for him to eat it. THEN I thought in a last ditch effort, Ill try one more new food – FirstMate Pacific Fish Large Breed… And WHAT a difference. He LOVES it. I don’t even have to put treats on it, and his digestion and stools have improved about 75%. I will never try another food again!

- Samantha & Thor -

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I would like to inform you how much my dog Jake loves your food. Every time we go into the food cupboard he sits there and looks. We switched him over to FirstMate Chicken With Blueberries, he loves it so much. He used to be on pedigree. He has been more active now and full of energy!

- Justin R & Jake -

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One of my dogs was sick last year and the vet suspected that he had food allergies. I tried the expensive food from the vet and it reduced my dog’s allergy symptoms, but, he hated it. My dog would hardly eat the vet food, so he was losing too much weight, too quickly. In desperation, asked my local pet food store (Bosley’s) what they’d recommend for an older dog with suspected food allergies and they told me about your food. In the 7 months that we’ve been using your food, it has done wonders for my dog. His allergy symptoms are gone and he enjoys eating, again. He’s at a good weight. His coat looks fantastic, with a nice shine to it that he never had before, even when he was younger. He’s on the Pacific Ocean Fish Senior/Weight Control food because he was over weight in the past. I’ve put both of my dogs on the same food and the younger one, without health problems, loves it too. It’s helped to keep her at an ideal weight, when she was getting a little chubby before.

I like how you use local ingredients. It is very important to me to know what’s in my dog’s food. I will only buy food made and sourced in Canada ever since the tainted pet food mess from China happened a few years back.

I sure appreciate finding such a good food for my dogs, so I thought I’d tell you.

- Cleo & Dog Rio -

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Dr. Susan Hetherington, DVM – Creature Comforts Veterinary Home Services LTD.

I have seen many pets benefit from changing to FirstMate Pet Foods, in terms of their coat, urine pH, digestion, stool, and in some cases of suspected allergies. I am pleased to have found a dry food that is made locally in B.C. and does not use synthetic preservatives, sulfates, fillers, beef, wheat and corn. This food is highly palatable for most pets, likely due to its freshness and high standard of ingredients and production.
Dr. Susan Hetherington, DVM

- Creature Comforts Veterinary Home Services LTD. -

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We have a bugg (boston terrier/pugxx) and he’s had nothing but problems since he was a baby. He had a small stroke, eyes don’t close properly, and he had a blockage before he was 1. He has chronic diarrhea. We had to keep him on metronidazole until we found your dog food.

THANK YOU for making a dog food with the right nutritional ingredients and higher fibre for sensitive guys like ours. He is alive, happy, healthy, and fit because of your awesome food. I can’t say enough good things about it.

- Alanna C. -

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I just wanted to tell you how much our dog enjoys your dry dog food! We tried so many different kinds before we found FirstMate. Our dog is sensitive, her stomach cant handle any other food.  The only dog food that she can eat is yours.

- Leeann B – Ontario, Canada -

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My Cornish Rex had slowed down on his intake of food, to the point that he lost a lot of weight. We spent over $1000.00 at the vets to be told that he is "healthy", just old and slowing down (Earl is 15 Oct 22) He became VERY picky on what he would eat, UNTIL I started giving him your food. He is starting to gain weight. He has doubled what he eats BECAUSE of your GREAT QUALITY food.
Thank You

- Sarah Mean -

Chloe LaVelle

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My girl loves her FirstMate food. She tries to open the container so she can have extras. Today she licked out the empty bag with us supervising of course!

- Stacy H -


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Muchacha needs your food! She can't tolerate grains, chicken, or peas. It took us years of trying different foods to find something she could eat! I'm so glad you made your food so healthy and delicious. I work at a pet food store and this is the only cat kibble we sell without one of her allergens in it. Luckily my other cat also enjoys it! I hope you never change it!

- Jessica S -

Smidge & Kanga

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A bunch of companies sent me samples of cat food due to my cats health issues and my requests. Smidge is SUPER picky. I have been having her taste test samples while I watch and write down her initial reactions and usually she sniffs the food, walks away and comes back later to nibble on it or she doesn't touch it AT ALL! I put your Chicken With Blueberries Formula down and she DEMOLISHED IT!! Her and my other cat kanga both downed all the samples so quickly. I have never seen my cats take to any food that quickly and i know they have been wanting more so i am putting in my first order now! thank you :)

- Ruby D -

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